Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scar Zone by Sudden Change: Does It Work?

Scar Zone is an acne cream put out by the company Sudden Change. It is designed to fade and eliminate acne scars leftover from the time when this infection ravaged people's faces. In this article we'll take a look at whether it works. What are people all over the Internet saying about its effectiveness?

Scar Zone's tag line is "Make scars less visible". It may also sometimes be referred to as a diminishing cream. Interestingly, they also stick some green tea in each batch of SZ. I'm not sure if this only refers to some varieties or all of them. I noticed there's about five different types that they have out. There is also a Fastaction Scar Diminishing System, which is an actual electric massage machine (hand-held) which works in tandem with the cream to supposedly speed up the whole process.

There is salicylic acid in the Scar Zone cream as well as other ingredients (like the aforementioned green tea), which help to balance out the drying out effects of the salicylic acid. Some people have complained about this in other products so it relly does seem that Sudden Change is on top of some of the common gripes in the acne scar removers of old. They have taken an agressive position to address these negatives by counter-balancing them.

Now it is worth noting that many people have used this ointment in order to prevent the further growth and spread of acne. Does it work? This is obviously not its original intent (judging by the name) but it seems to have been successful, probably because of the salicylic acid. I suppose this means that if you are suffering with both scars and new pimples, Scar Zone could be a very good two-pronged approach. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

The negatives I was able to find out there on Sudden Change's big scar remover is that it clogged at elast one person's pores up. This is unfortunate. Is this an isolated case? It may be, because I was not able to find any further confirmation of this negative effect.

In the end, Scar Zone does seem to work. It may be best used by people who don't want the drying out of their skin and face which tends to occur with other treatments such as benzoyl peroxide. Nevertheless, it is not too expensive and I am always fond of saying that it is worth trying out a bunch of acne treatments in order to find one or two that really work in your particular case. It is a very individual thing, but Scar Zone has definitely worked for a lot of folks.

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